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The Brutal Reality of the Israeli Occupation of Gaza

A disturbing new report from the organization “Breaking the Silence” sheds light on the horrific events of the 2014 Israeli invasion of occupied Gaza. Relying on testimony from Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers who served during Operation Protective Edge, as the conflict was called, this comprehensive firsthand account of the war reveals how Israeli military commanders actively encouraged their troops to fire on innocent civilians, destroy property and commit other atrocities that served to terrorize the population of Gaza during the campaign. It appears that war crimes were a regular and intentional feature of the invasion, rather than occasional accidents. 

Please take the time to educate yourself about the Israeli government’s ongoing brutalization of Gaza and the West Bank. Understand that Israel’s ongstanding, nearly half-century old, military occupation of these regions isn’t just related to strategic security concerns, but is to a significant extent motivated by cynical political calculations on the part of Israeli politicians as well as a seemingly unquenchable drive to expand illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Most of all, realize that Israel, a semi-pariah state that looks more and more like apartheid-era South Africa everyday, likely couldn’t carry on abusing the Palestinian population without the continued diplomatic cover and military aid of the United States. Though the relationship between American President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has become strained, owing to the latter’s brazen arrogance, the basic U.S.-Israel alliance remains intact. That’s were you come in.

Please support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and learn how you can help the long-suffering Palestinian populations of the occupied territories. Put pressure on your representatives in government to reevaluate the U.S.’s seemingly blind support for Israel policies, support which has historically brought America much more grief than good. 

Read the full “Breaking the Silence” report, which is titled This is How We Fought in Gaza, here:  http://ep00.epimg.net/descargables/2015/05/04/739d4d6eeeac81d22ea8549e7b624cf7.pdf